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Current Special Offers

*OFFER NUMBER 1 – Enjoy a soothing Aromatherapy Back Massage

with either a Thai Foot Massage or a Japenese Rejuvanation Facial Massage

Hot Massage gives pure relaxation and pampering, melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness and increases circulation and metabolism, A Massage expands blood vessels, which encourages blood flow throughout the body and aid the lymphatic system in improving the immune system and expelling toxins from the body and can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation.

Thai Foot Massage is an ancient form of healing massage uses a combination of relaxing foot massage, gentle stretches of the feet, ankles and lower legs followed by reflexology and oriental acupressure. A super relaxing treatment which brings about a deep sense of relaxation and well being. Using our sumptuous aromatic Thai foot balm.

Japanease Rejuvanation Facial Massage is a gentle & non invasive treatment which relaxes and soothes the muscles of the face. Specialist techniques and acupressure are then used to train the muscles of the face to perform differently, which can help to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness, resulting in a natual face lift.

(Aromatherapy Back massage usually £28 (30 mins), Thai foot massage usually £25 (40 mins), Rejuvanation Facial Massage usually £25 (40 Mins) –

so quote’ summer 2017 offer’ and

enjoy a aromatherapy back massage and either thai foot or rejuvanation facial massage for just £45 (usually £53)


enjoy all 3 treatments for a luxury pamper for just £65(usually £78)

*OFFER NUMBER 2 – Crystal & Reiki Healing

Feel the need to try a vibrational medicine to shift energy blockages, clear chakras, balance chakras, enhance your energy so the bodt heals itself. So lets use the natural energies stored in crystals and energy healing through reiki used for centuries by many cultures. While doing a session on a client I might choose to lay one or more stones at each chakra, depending on the issues or the condition of the client.

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Reiki Healing

These crystals or stones would be carefully chosen, based on the condition of the person and the healing properties of the crystals in question.
We are all matter is energy in physical form.  Crystals are certainly no exception.  Formed over eons…the Earth’s crystals embody intense concentrations of energy.  The energetic and physical properties of crystals are already employed in many aspects of technology.  The ability of crystals to conduct and transform energy is no longer a new idea to us.  For example, every television, quartz clock, portable phone, and personal computer runs smoothly thanks to Quartz crystals.  Today the energetic properties of crystals and gem stones are also being used to improve peoples health at a fundamental level such as crystal healing

Have a wonderful relaxing crystal & reiki healing session with me for just £30 (usually £40)

Just call, text or leave a message (I may be with someone so do leave a quick message) on 07544805601 or 01455290377 or email me on