Comfy Body Alignment

I have been working with the comfy cushion system for quite a while now and my clients love it and have found it really makes a different to their treatment as comfort is invaluable for relaxation. With the Comfy Client Cushion system clients totally relax as they feel as though they’re floating on air.

This superb contoured luxury cushion system gives clients maximum comfort and full support during prone / supine positions and also during pregnancy massage, so supports both the female and male physiques perfectly, all shapes and sizes.

NHS Approved Cushions

NHS Approved

The Comfy Client Cushions come with soft covers that are NHS approved and wipe clean. It includes a CE mark The covers have concealed zips, which are concealed for client comfort. The covers can be removed for machine washing.

Your client can now be completely supported with perfect neck & spine alignment and no breathing obstructions. With no pressure on the sinuses and no red ring around the face so you can drift away and enjoy your treatments.
The legs of the main body cushion are flexible so that you can easily adjust them and extend to create temporary arm rests to comfortably support all sizes.

The unique design enables you to lay comfortably on the cushions in both the prone, supine and side laying positions. Special fabricated foams including support density and memory foam relieve pressure from areas of discomfort associated with joint problems such as arthritis relieving pressure discomfort in shoulders, hips, elbows and coccyx.

So if you havent tried this system you should it makes such a difference to your treatments all my clients enjoy the comfort it gives which only enhances their therapy further whether a massage, beauty or spa treatment or energy healing. So enjoy your treatments further and book now to try.

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