Holistic Therapies for Wellbeing

Holistic Therapies offer you an all-round feeling of tranquility and well being, by looking after your Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Well Being. They have been used for many thousands of years as preventative medicine in many cultures. Ideal as a monthly de-stress from work or busy family life to maintain well being.

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hopi ear candling

Hopi Ear Candles: £30.00

This is ideal for a pre and post flight treatment if you suffer with your ears popping, also shown benefits with allergies and hayfever aswell as sinus and colds. It may be that you have regular headaches and just want to destress this is a wonderful relaxing treatment and can be combined with hot and cold stone facial massage to decongest.

This is the traditional hopi ear canding treatment which includes facial lymphatic drainage massage.

Energy Healing

Utilising vibrational medicine healing techniques including usui reiki and seichem etc as I am a full Master teacher in many healing techniques. This is non invasive and extremely relaxing and helps aid the body the heal itself by promoting positive vibrations and cells throughout the body on a holistic plane to heal on the physical, emotional and spiritual side.

Usui Reiki Healing
30 minutes: £30.00
60 minutes: £40.00

Seichem Reiki Healing
30 minutes: 30.00
60 minutes: £40.00

Quantum Touch / Breath Healing
30 minutes: £30.00
60 minutes: £40.00

Crystal Healing: £35.00

Utilising the wonderful world of crystals to maintain chi and its flow through the body and chakras, this lovely relaxing non invasive treatment balances the bodies chakras and promotes positive energy so the body, mind and spirit can heal itselfs. Crystals are laid on the body during this treatment.

Chakra Balancing: £25.00

If its a quick Chakra balance you need this is the treatment for you which concentrates on checking these energy areas from the crown chakra to the base chakra, seeing which one is out of balance and advising on what this may do to the mind, body or spirit. It is from the auyervedic system which believes that if a chakra is out of balance that this will effect the person for instance if the throat chakra is out of balance you experience difficulty communicating, emotions could be caught in the throat, choking sensation or lumps in the throat, it is further believed that kept out of balance it may cause a physical problem eventually of the throat area.

Crystal & Reiki Healing Session: £45.00

During this treatment we use crystals and reiki healing energy to bring back balance and flow of chi to the mind, body and spirit.


Meditation: From £20.00

I can undertake meditation for a group or indivdual tailoring for the indiviual or group and time implications. Ideal for the work place for a lunch time meditation contact me for further details.

Chinese Cupping: £45.00

The ancient art of chinese cupping has been preformed for many years working by clearing the body over acupressure points or physically massaging in a area. Please note I utilise the traditional glass cups and cupping can cause brusing to a area.

Dowsing (healing, allergy testing & readings): £35.00

Have a session with me and I can use the dowsing tools to look at present day health issues and assist with not only items you may be thinking about but for allergens etc


Bach Flower Remedies & Essenses: £40.00

Bach flower remedies and essences were invented by Edward Bach whose intention was that every household should have a set like a first aid kit as its everything we need to maintain our well being. He found that no matter what different circumstances a human could find thems selves in that their were certain moods attained and from these we produce several gut flora which if treated brought back well being to the person.

Come and enjoy a session with me as we work out whats effecting you now so you can learn how you body, mind and spirit react to everyday lifes and challenges we are thrown into, that way you may be able to cope better or even stop yourself from reacting in the future a true holistic treatment and you will leave with you own tailored bach flower remedy to take.